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How I Work: Notebooks
The life of my thoughts and ideas are governed by paper. Don’t get me wrong, I use Evernote, OneNote, iA Writer, WriteRT, Ulysses III and notepad to capture information. But these are for binary thoughts, thoughts that have passed the stages of ambiguity to arrive at a discrete manifestation. In all I have three notebooks […] Read more – ‘How I Work: Notebooks’.
Beyond Brainstorming: Adopting the Dialectic as a Design Toolkit
Brainstorming has become a staple in the design and design process toolkit, so much so that it maintains resiliency despite rigorous studies that leave its impact in question.[1] One of these critiques centers on the fact that brainstorming, by removing critical analysis from the equation, effectively becomes an exercise of free association. This application is […] Read more – ‘Beyond Brainstorming: Adopting the Dialectic as a Design Toolkit’.
Acquiring New Skills
There comes a point when acquiring a new skill, where you’re good enough to be bad at the new skill. Some people believe that this is not progress and that this is simply stage one when acquiring any new skill. But thats a misconception. The first stage when acquiring a new skill is not being […] Read more – ‘Acquiring New Skills’.

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