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Solving 10x Problems (the complexity theory challenge)
When a problem changes enough in scale, it becomes a different problem. The attack vector you use to address a problem at one scale is almost always completely different at another. It’s a truism we experience everyday but often take for granted. Take design, for example. To ship high-quality user experiences at 10x the velocity (daily vs. […] Read more – ‘Solving 10x Problems (the complexity theory challenge)’.
How I Work: Notebooks
The life of my thoughts and ideas are governed by paper. Don’t get me wrong, I use Evernote, OneNote, iA Writer, WriteRT, Ulysses III and notepad to capture information. But these are for binary thoughts, thoughts that have passed the stages of ambiguity to arrive at a discrete manifestation. In all I have three notebooks that […] Read more – ‘How I Work: Notebooks’.
Beyond Brainstorming: Adopting the Dialectic as a Design Toolkit
Brainstorming has become a staple in the design and design process toolkit, so much so that it maintains resiliency despite rigorous studies that leave its impact in question.[1] One of these critiques centers on the fact that brainstorming, by removing critical analysis from the equation, effectively becomes an exercise of free association. This application is […] Read more – ‘Beyond Brainstorming: Adopting the Dialectic as a Design Toolkit’.

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